Spring International Sale

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Lot 1
DeLHawk Camelia 1702
Tattoo: 1702
H/P: P
DOB 8/18/17
Reg # P43887012
Lot 1 is an August polled Catapult 322 out of Whisper. Camelia is short-marked, maternal, and has great angles. She is very neat in her design and flexible on the move.
Lot 2
DeLHawk Miss Danita 1703
Tattoo: 1703
H/P: H
DOB 8/22/17
Reg # 43887014
Lot 2 in an August horned BF Down Home out of 206. Danita is deep-centered with smooth lines tying in to a square hip, compiling this in a moderate package. She will show and make a great cow!
Lot 3
DeLHawk Shayna 1705
Tattoo: 1705
H/P: H
DOB 9/12/17
Shayna is a horned September by Sensation 2296 out of Whisper. She resembles her dam Whisper in many ways. She is huge-bodied with a soft look and perfect hind leg. This one has a big hip and lower one-third to put her out in front of the crowd.
Lot 4
DeLHawk Miss Denise 1706
Tattoo: 1706
H/P: H
DOB: 9/21/17
Reg # 43887030
Denise is a horned September out of BF Down Home and 206. This one was popular on picture day and will be on sale day. If you want mass, bone, and power, find this lady! Lot 4 is sound and has irresistible eye appeal.
Lot 5
DeLHawk Sonia 1707
Tattoo: 1707
H/P: H
DOB 9/27/17
REG # 43887036
Lot 5 is a horned late September sired by Sensation 2296 out of Whisper. Sonia has cow power written all over her. She is moderate, soft-made, and has great eye-appeal.
Lot 6
DeLHawk Miss Robyn 1708
Tattoo: 1708
H/P: P
DOB 10/4/17
Reg # P43887044
Lot 6 is a polled October. She is sired by Perks Right Track and out of 206. This mating has been impressive since they hit the ground. Lot 6 has extension out through her front end, she is square in her hip, and floats on the move. Her record-selling dam, 206, never misses and this pedigree will continue the legacy.
Lot 7
DeLHawk Miss Rockin Ruby 1709
Tattoo: 1709
H/P: P
DOB 10/12/17
Reg # P43887047
Lot 7 is a true sale feature. This polled October is another Perks Right Track out of 206. Rockin Ruby is ultra-cool and angular, her hip build is perfect, and her rib sweep is tremendous.
Lot 8
DeLHawk Blossom 1710
Tattoo: 1710
H/P: P
DOB 10/17/17
REG # P43887049
Lot 8 is a polled October sired by KLD RW Bouncer, the popular 2016 NAILE National Champion Bull. Blossom resembles her dam, Whisper, in many ways. She offers phenotype and pedigree in a smooth yet powerful package. This one’s future is bright!
Lot 9
DeLHawk Bridget 1711
Tattoo: 1711
H/P: P
DOB 10/24/17
REG # P43887050
Bridget is a polled October out of Bouncer and Millie. Millie was the dam of the 2017 Reserve National Champion Polled Heifer at the 2017 NWSS, DeLHawk Mercy 10D. This combination created a female like her maternal sister that has flawless phenotype to please. Don’t miss this one. She is massive-ribbed with an explosive hip while still possessing an ultra-cool look.
Lot 10
DeLHawk Miss Broadway 1712
Tattoo: 1712
H/P: P
DOB 11/3/17
REG # P43887052
This polled October is another Bouncer – 206 and holy cow this mating has clicked! This high-volume, deep-centered female is ultra-complete with a square build and smooth shoulder.
Lot 11
DeLHawk Bianca 1713
Tattoo: 1713
H/P: P
DOB 11/15/17
REG # P43887053
Bianca equals big time contender. She is a polled November Bouncer – Millie. Lot 11 has a breathtaking profile, with great structure, blending balance and power. Like her sister Mercy, she will command banners!
Lot 12
DeLHawk Miss Barbara 1714
Tattoo: 1714
H/P: H
DOB 11/18/17
REG # 43887054
Lot 12 is a horned November Bouncer – 206. This little sweetheart concludes the sale without giving any quality up to her sisters. She combines the cool look of her sire and the massive rib of her dam to create a stellar female. She is jet-level with perfect lines, making her a horned treasure.