SPring internet sale

April 1, 2019


Lot 1
Tattoo: 84F
Reserve Horned IL Beef Expo, Dam
H/P: P
DOB: 6/13/18
Name: DeLHawk Cynthia 84F
Reg. P43962451
We have had a small but potent sample of B&C Stock Option 6026 calves, and they are impressive! A full sib to Lot 1 was recently named Reserve Grand Horned Female at the Illinois Beef Expo for Stetson Storey. This heifer was held specifically for this sale. If you are still looking for that competitive summer heifer, or need to upgrade the current string, this heifer fits the bill. Lot 1 has the build and look to be extremely competitive. She is powerful, with tremendous rib shape, and ties this all together with great running gear. This gal is upper level!
Lot 2
Tattoo: 80F
H/P: P
DOB: 5/25/18
Name: DeLHawk Crystal 80F
Reg. P43962450
Lot 2 is a late May, polled female sired by BF Bar1 10Y Down Home 4111. We love this mating! DeLHawk Sapphire 102A never misses, and this combination with Down Home has proven to be predictable. Lot 2 is square made, straight lined, and attractive from all angles. Her pattern and design will excel in the show ring, but her true potential will be proven when she enters production.
Lot 3
Tattoo: 1801
Sire, Dam, Reserve Horned IL Beef Expo
H/P: P
DOB: 9/21/18
Name: DeLHawk Lo & Behold 1801
Reg. P43992871
Lot 3 is sired by B&C Stock Option 6026 and out of DeLHawk Sapphire 102A. This late September, polled female is long bodied with a stout, level hip and tremendous flex and reach. She is smooth shouldered and bold ribbed with tremendous eye appeal. Her awesome disposition is an added bonus. Sale feature!
Lot 4
Tattoo: 1803
Dam, Sire
H/P: H
DOB: 10/4/18
Name: DeLHawk Miss Serenade 1803
Reg. 43992875
Lot 4 is an October B&C Stock Option 6026 daughter out of the legendary 206 donor. Long necked, long spined, and level hipped, this heifer has tremendous presence. Couple this with a big hip, great structure and awesome hair, this heifer is one with plenty of future.
Lot 5
Tattoo: 1804
Dam, Sire
H/P: H
DOB: 10/11/18
Name: DeLHawk Leading Lady 1804
Reg. 43992876
Lot 5 is a B&C Stock Option 6026 by DeLHawk Sapphire 102A. This solid marked heifer is dense bodied with a great build from the ground up. Rib shape, muscle, and great lines define this horned sweetheart. This mating is extremely consistent and very exciting. Visitors always find this one!
Lot 6
Tattoo: 1805
H/P: H
DOB: 10/18/18
Name: DeLHawk Jacqui 1805
Reg. 43992877
Lot 6 is a horned, October female sired by B&C Stock Option 6026 out of Happ Mirage 1327. Jacqui has looked the part since she hit the ground here. She is a future foundation female that sets down on perfect feet and has a flawless knee and hock design. Her profile shows no weakness, and she is incredible in her neck junction and shoulder make up. Mirage is making good progeny and hit a homerun here!
Lot 7
Tattoo: 1802
Sire, Dam
H/P: P
DOB: 9/27/18
Name: DeLHawk Lets Dance 1802
Reg. P43992873
Lot 7 is a polled, September heifer sired by B&C Stock Option 6026. A daughter of Sapphire 102A, she lays in to a streamlined package with a square hip, smooth shoulder, and complete profile. This one is sound structured and built for the long haul. She has as much upside as any. 1802 is really coming on and could really look the part come junior nationals time.
Lot 8
Tattoo: 1807
H/P: P
DOB: 11/6/18
Name: DeLHawk Julienne 1807
Reg. P43992883
We close out the sale with a high quality, polled November female sired by CRR 109 On Point 559 and out of Happ Mirage 1327. The On Point calves have made their mark nationwide with several national contenders and winners. Her dam is an up and coming donor that is really making her mark here. Super attractive with squareness and base width to please, Julienne is wicked fronted and has enough shape to play.